Crown Green Bowling, The Game!

Crown Green Bowling

We need to dispel some myths – many people do not view it as a competitive sport. Like all sports, it is! Many of the best bowlers have played competitive team sports such as: cricket, rugby and football, to a good standard. For whatever reason, they were not able to continue with these sports. Crown green bowling offers a similar competition and challenge with a sport they enjoy. Combining the individual one on one aspects of golf and snooker into a team environment. Where 8, 10 or 12 players can compete as a team in leagues and cups.

Socialising with Crown Green Bowling

While competition can be a big part of bowling that all depends on the individual. There is plenty of socialising done around the bowling green. It can just be a nice afternoon or evening out where you can enjoy the summer sun with family and friends, while having a friendly game. It is a great way of making friends in Harrogate or anywhere.

What is crown green bowling

At a very basic level the idea of crown green bowling is for you to get one, if not both your bowls closer to the jack than your opponent(s). This sounds simple enough, but throw in a green that has its own characteristics and nuances. Not to mention the different variations in length and speed. Suddenly a simple game can be extremely challenging and addictive. Check out this Wikipedia link on the game for more details.

But really the best thing to do is to try the game for yourself.
If you are interested we can show you the ropes, formal and informal coaching is available.

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