Making friends in Harrogate

Making friends in Harrogate or anywhere is not easy nowadays. With work and family commitments taking up a lot of our time. It is hard to prioritize making friends.

Everyone is different but at certain stages of our lives, having friends to spend time with is a welcomed distraction and a comfort. Whether you have recently moved to Harrogate? Or maybe you’ve reached a point in your life when you feel like you need some new friends? Perhaps you find yourself with more time as the kids grow up, or you have lost a set of friends after divorce or separation? It is always nice to know that you have friends to spend time with.

Friends - Black Swan Team Winning Challenge Cup

With this in mind making friends in Harrogate is where we come in. Black Swan Bowling Club uses crown green bowling as the backdrop for meeting new friends. The common interest of bowling, initially gives you something to talk about and then as bonds form the friendships can develop. We do not just focus on bowling there are a number of events, social and other events that give plenty of opportunities for meeting new people.

Do not let the stereo types of crown green bowling put you off. At Black Swan Bowling Club we have a mixture of ages, sexes and people. Each mingle and socialise together as well as bowling together in the same teams. Some members started out joining in families, others started out joining on their own as children. Then these children grow into adults and bring their own children and friends to the game. It really is a community within a community. Check out our about us page for more information about Black Swan Bowling Club.

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Contact us and start making friends in Harrogate today!

Contact us with any questions. We can arrange to meet you at the green for some coaching to get you started. Subscribe and we will email you the details for up-coming events and you can meet more of our members.

    Maybe crown green bowling is not for you!

    We know crown green bowling is not for everyone, but we want to help as much as possible with joining people and communities together. Because of this please find some links to other websites that may interest you.

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